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Red Wine Glass 21oz
Item: Red Wine Glass 21oz/640mL
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Packing: Bulk-Pack
Price: USD153.60 per carton (USD6.4 per glass)
Quantity: Cartons - (24 glasses per carton)
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Add this red wine glass to your wine glass collection


This is a traditional red wine glass characterised by its height, round appearance and wide bowl. It is perfect for full bodied red wines and for the more delicate reds. The 640ml Red Wine Glass by VIVA Glassware is a must have addition to your barware.


♦ Large red wine glass

♦ Long lasting wine glass

♦ Crystal-like finish

♦ Scratch and chip resistant

♦ Durable and shatterproof

♦ Classy shape to enhance aroma of the wine for tasting pleasure

♦ Ideal for serving red wine in all bars, clubs and restaurants




Capacity: 21oz/640mL

Material: Eastman Tritan (BPA-free) or Polycarbonate

Height: 225mm

Diameter - Top: 70mm

Diameter - Base: 93mm(Body)

Quantity per carton: 24 pcs

Carton dimensions: 22.84" x 15" x 9.85"




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